Royal Headache: High

High is Out today!
I recorded and mixed this beauty.
Credit also due to Owen Penglis and Damo for a bit of the recording and of Mikey Young for the Mastering

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1001 Nights in Fairfield

I did the audio for this film by Zanny Begg and The Choir of Love. Here is a preview

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Royal Headache ‘High’

I recorded and mixed this new record for Royal Headache. Props to Owen Penglis and Damian Sawyers who did a bit of recording as well. Mastered by Mikey Young


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Recently Historic #2 at Gaffa – opens Jan 8

RECENTLY HISTORIC: Australian Electronic Arts in Western Sydney #2
281 Clarence Street, Sydney CBD, NSW 2000
Exhibitions Runs 08 January – 19 January

Picture 1

Recently Historic: Australian Electronic Arts in Western Sydney is the second showcase (following on from the exibition in Kingswood) of artists working with electronic media, connected by their association to the University of Western Sydney’s former School of Contemporary Arts.
The exhibition takes hold of the notion that many of today’s practicing artists are initially bolstered by tertiary art programs, and the communities that go with them.

As the University of Western Sydney celebrates its 25th anniversary, this exhibition reflects on the long-term outcomes the art school in Western Sydney formerly offered. In particular, once radical programs now discontinued, such as the Bachelor of Electronic Art.

Featuring work by: Alex White, Emily Morandini, Ivan Lisyak, Peter Blamey, Jon Hunter, Jasper Streit, Samuel Bruce, Louise Dibben, Rene Christen, T.R. Carter, Daniel Green, Robin Hungerford, Kate Brown, Tom Hungerford, Wade Marynowsky.

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the NOW now Festival 2015

I have been working hard this year with fellow  legends Emily Morandini, Ivan Cheng, Clayton Thomas, Aemon Web and Jon Wilton on the Curation and organisation of

The NOW now Festival 2015

the program is here

the NOWnow-2015


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Recently Historic

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 2.04.28 pm

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‘Doing Time’

I have been doing the Audio Production on a film by Zanny Begg “Doing Time” –

Doing Time is a 9:24min film developed in collaboration with four teenage boys in Reiby Juvenile Detention Centre. The video was shot inside the detention centre and explores the assumption that we all experience time in the same way by presenting a series of discontinuous and dreamlike sequences that highlight the subjective and relative nature of time. 

Doing Time was created as part of a four month residency at Reiby Juvenile Detention Centre and will be exhibited as part of an installation The Boys Home, with photo documentation of the residency, for the exhibition The List, Campbeltown Arts Centre.

Film by Zanny Begg
Concept developed in collaboration with A____, J____, C____ and P____
Camera: Josh Heath
Audio: Jon Hunter
Music: Kate Carr and Pedro Butler from Us Mob
Colourist: Yanni Kroenberg


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Its not often that I feel like sharing my ‘work’ work with the world. but the small production team I work with at The University of Sydney have been working with the National Centre for Cultural Competence to create a fantastic online resource available to anyone.

Aboriginal Australians were multicultural long before European settlers came to Australia. Traditionally, there were more than 500 different Aboriginal Nations across Australia with different languages, social structures and modes of behaviour, but also with many common denominators – specifically religious ties and Kinship systems.

The Kinship online learning module aims to give you a deeper understanding of the richly complex Kinship system by learning about the components of Moiety, Totem, Skin Names, language and traditional affiliations and individual identity.


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An Evening of solo guitar experiments at 107 Projects

107 Projects - John E

Thurs 10th July – John Encarnacao –  Jo Williams – Steffan Ianigro – Jon Hunter – Luke Bozzetto

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Ngallowan (They Remain)

Ngallowan (they remain)

I assisted Kate Blackmore in the creation of Ngallowan (They Remain) a collaboration between Blackmore and Dharug Elder, Jacinta Tobin.Showing at Cross-Art Projects for SafARI

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